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Introducing the Safe Set Program

To all of our Production Friends,
We trust you are as well as can be. COVID 19 has certainly caused us all to pause, reflect and imagine our new reality.
With that being said, our goal upon return is to ensure you will be safe and confident that Quixote has taken extreme measures to keep our studios, vehicles and equipment as sanitized as possible.
We are launching our comprehensive “Safe Set” program that will cover everything from Total Safe Set – Studio/Vehicle/Equipment Protocols and Procedures, as well as the sale of certified masks, gloves, sanitizers and other PPE through our Studio Store.
In addition to those things, other Safe Set precautions you can expect upon return are:
• Quixote staff will be trained on CDC health protocol prior to returning.
• Quixote staff will wear certified masks and gloves.
• Quixote staff will follow on set protocols established by local authorities and trade unions.
• Additional cleaning staff will be hired and on constant vigil, ready with sanitization procedures.
• Our studios and equipment warehouses will be equipped with Sanitation Stations at each entrance with identifying signage. We will also be renting Mobile Sanitation Stations through our Production Supply warehouse.
• Our trailers and motorhomes will be held to rigorous new cleaning standards and include motion sensor hand sanitizers in or near each entrance.
• Truck cabs will endure a deep cleaning after each use and “sanitized by date and time” notices will be posted in each cab.
• In absolute alignment with our Verde initiative, Safe Set products will be earth-friendly.
Stay tuned for more!
We cannot express enough gratitude for all your support over the last 25 years. This is undoubtedly our most difficult challenge ever. Now is the time to team up and ensure COVID-19 does not return.
If you have questions, suggestions or feedback please email



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