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New Solar Electric Verde Trailers

Verde quality and luxury powered by the sun

Passionately supplying the best studios, vehicles & equipment available


From load-in to load-out, you’re always in for an extraordinary experience.

Commercial Vehicles

Our production vehicles are an extension of our studio experience… on wheels.

Film & TV Vehicles

Ultra-luxury trailers that keep stars happy and comfy & content during a long shoot.


Improved fleet, top-notch customer service, and 24-hour secured parking & returns.

Production Supplies

It’s easier than ever to get all you need for production. Just pull into our drive-thru & we’ll load you up.

Grip & Lighting

Operating from our new 40K sq ft warehouse, we carry every light you need.

Photo Rentals

Wherever your photo shoot happens, we’ve got the vehicles, equipment, and expertise to handle it.


The world’s largest supplier of expendables and tax incentive qualified in 13 states, not just CA, GA & LA!


Complete communication solutions including 2-way radios, wifi hotspots & more available to be shipped nationwide.

Location Services BTS Shoot Day
Location Services

Day Or Night, We’ve Got Your Location Covered. No matter the call time, we’ll get your location ready so you and your crew can focus on the task at hand.

Albuquerque Flex Space
Support Space

These stand-alone support spaces consist of warehouses, offices & parking lots.

Sunset Studios

The leading provider of premier studio production facilities, sound stages and production services in Los Angeles, New York and London. 

Verde matters to us greatly!

So much so that 10 trees will be planted for every Verde trailer or motorhome rental we receive.
That’s a lot of trees!


Trees Planted In 2022