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Concept LA: Mike Vensel, Nuvula, Matthew Mathiasen

Concept LA kicked off LA Fashion Week with the a unique display of the spring summer 2014 collections at Quixote Studios. A few of the many designers lined up for the shows included: Mike Vensel, Nuvula, Mathiasen, Styles by Ana, JBurgos, and Jen Awad.

Mike Vensel

The models showing off Mike Vensel’s organically traditional styles were also presenting several abstract pieces of artwork. He used a combination of solid, simple monotone colors that helped create a gothic, dark feel to the show. The music added a wonderful element to the show which consisted of a mixture of instruments and sounds that balanced well with the fluidness of the pieces.

Check out Mike Vensel’s line…


The Nuvula designs were very sheek and New York inspired. I spoke with the designer for the show and she explained how each piece was meant to speak to the everyday woman in New York. The high, tight buns on the models and french, classic music created a clean visual look for the show. Each model had their own sassy, style and look that made it very enjoyable to watch. Guests were given gift bags with Nuvula fashion booklets, nail polish, and a checkered square scarf.

Check out Nuvula’s line…

Matthew Mathiasen

Matthew Mathiasen had a young, hip, sporty feel to his installation. All the girls were in the same chunky heels with the color palet of silver, white, and yellow. Nicole Quintero modeled a fun two piece suit with a slouchy yellow jacket. Her fierce, strong attitude helped display the style well. Each model had a punk rock feel to their look that consisted of metallic blue lipstick, and tousled, big hair. The mix of soft, light colors with edgy, sharp details created a very bad-ass look.

Check out Nicole Quintero and other models in Mathiasen clothes…

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