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Children of the Nations Packing Meals for 10,000 Families in Need at Quixote Studios

Children of the nations came to Quixote Studios to package meals for 10,000 children and families in | MALAWI | UGANDA | DOMINICAN REPUBLIC | HAITI | LIBERIA | UNITED STATES. There are over 2 million orphans in Malawi.

Their Mission
This organization helps with meal packing, and helping kids get into good school systems so they can eventually get a good job.

Children of the Nations focuses on ministering to orphaned and destitute children, raising them to transform nations. Our Village Partnership Program was designed to specifically meet the needs of children (some who are orphans, some not) living with destitute families or caregivers who are unable to properly provide for them. Our Village Partnership Program is unique in that it is not a relief or “handout” program, but rather a “hand up.” This community-based ministry provides opportunities for partnership, empowering local people with the resources and training to raise and provide for their own children and better their communities.

Working through the local village leadership (chief, pastor, elders, etc.) to provide a coming-alongside type of assistance, Children of the Nations identifies the unique needs of the most desperate children in a community and develops a strategy for the best way to assist with these needs.

Since Village Partnerships are developed to address the unique needs of a community, program components vary by village. Implementation and development of additional components are directly dependent upon funding provided through our Child Sponsorship Program.

When Children of the Nations initially launches partnership with a community, the most-urgently assessed needs are addressed first. This usually includes provision distribution (blankets, clothing, soap, etc.), nutrition, and education. As children in the community are individually sponsored (generating funding for the collective program) additional program components are added accordingly. A ministry center is often built in or near the community to provide services such as education, medical care, a feeding center, and spiritual training. In some of our more established Village Partnerships, components include such programs as vocational skills centers offering multiple programs of study, medical clinics, and even university student programs!

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