Talent Verde

Talent Verde

This vehicle is available in both Los Angeles & New York

For your most discerning clients. Ride in style and go green.
Q Verde runs on bio-diesel, a clean-burning, renewable alternative fuel that provides increased energy independence while protecting the environment.

Schematic | Lounge 360 | Makeup/Wardrobe 360

Vehicle Features:

• Central Heat and Air
• ICoach Technology
• A Wireless Digital Media Environment
• Mobile Hi-Speed Internet (3G – 4G)
• DirecTV
• Double Make-Up Station w/Salon Basin and Skylight
• Espresso Machine
• HD Multi-Media Lounge
• Hi-End Wardrobe
• Indoor/Outdoor iTunes-Compatible Speakers
• Refrigerator/Freezer
• Salon Chair
• Wireless All-In-One Copy Machine


Height – 13.2′
Length – 39.8′
Width – 8.6′
Opened – 13.2′


At Quixote Verde matters to us greatly. We believe in the simple notion that as citizens of this planet we have absolutely no choice but to recycle, reuse and re-purpose.
It’s a very small gesture that if repeated the world over, will enable us to preserve the awesome ground beneath us.

Quixote’s Verde Keeps Our Planet & Your Production Greener With:
• Fueled with biodiesel; brewed (off-site) from a mix of agricultural oils & recycled cooking oils.
• Breathe easier, literally. The paint is low VOC (volatile organic compound). Turns out, not everything organic is good for you.
• Carpeting is recycled & also low VOC. (10% post consumer, 12% pre-consumer & 68% from the future.)
• Bathroom walls are made of 100% recycled aluminum, derived from transformer coils, industrial scrap, combustion-motor pistons & a lot of our old beer cans.
• Table tops are constructed of 100% post-industrial scrap. They are very low VOC & LEED certified, which we hear is totally impressive.
• All construction is done with non-formaldehyde plywood. (Formaldehyde is not good. Think junior high biology class. Frog. Scalpel. Enough said.)
• The curtains are made from ultra-renewable bamboo and the pillows of 100% Eco-Poly fabric which emit no airborne toxins. Go Ahead. Test them with a breathalyzer.
• Our sofas are filled with natural latex foam, mother nature’s fire retardant – which lowers the amount of highly carcinogenic PDBE. It also lasts waaaay longer, thereby avoiding landfills & man-caves.
• LED lighting throughout. LED advantages include lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved physical robustness, smaller size, faster switching and the ability to tout “LED lighting throughout”.